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Icon After the conference: information on uploading contributions and refunding the participation fee available (as of 19.03.2022)

Update on GEBF Conference 2022


Icon How do I upload my presentation to ConfTool after the conference?

You have the possibility to upload your presentation from a single paper as a PDF on ConfTool. Symposium participants are kindly asked to coordinate among themselves, as only one document can be uploaded by the original submitter. Missing poster contributions will be uploaded by the organizing team. You can view the file by selecting the contribution in the event program. Under the abstract you will see the corresponding file.

Icon Are participation fees reimbursed and if so, how and when?

As announced, participation fees will be reimbursed in the amount of approx. 50%. If your payment was made through your institute, please inform your employer. The amounts will be paid by the end of June 2022, more information will follow in April. The organization team has considered the suggestion of converting the reimbursement amount into a donation. Unfortunately, the organizational effort is so great that the idea cannot be implemented centrally.

Icon Note about the Zoom rooms.

  • The zoom links of all sessions remain as they are (capacity up to 300 participants each).
  • Same for the links to the guided tours through Bamberg (capacity up to 1.000 participants)
  • New link for the keynotes on Thursday and Friday and for the 1st part of the social evening on Thursday: please use this link.

The conference proceedings have been updated, and include the new links.

We apologize again for the technical difficulties at the opening session!

Icon How does the online conference proceed?

Under the menu item Procedure you will find some information about the conference procedure.

Icon Will the conference take place? And in which format?

The decision has been made on how the 9th GEBF Conference (9 - 11 March 2022) and the Pre-conference for Early Career Researchers (8 March 2022) will be conducted. The result certainly will not come as a surprise you: Under the given circumstances, we do not consider it justifiable or attractive to hold the conference in attendance. Together with the GEBF board, we have therefore decided to hold the conferences online as a virtual conferences from 8 – 11 March.

We are extremely sorry that no face-to-face conference can take place in the anniversary year of GEBF. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will manage to create an appealing “conference atmosphere” (the social evening will also take place, albeit in a different form).

Icon What does it mean for conference registration and conference fees?

To allow for a meeting in presence, registration was initially open exclusively to presenters of a paper accepted for the conference. For the Pre-conference for Early Career Researchers, it remains the same. Since the GEBF Conference will now take place online, we are opening the (previously restricted) registration: Registration for the GEBF Conference via ConfTool is now possible without restrictions. For the Pre-conference for Early Career Researchers, access will continue to be provided only to those individuals who will present an accepted paper.

Please understand that we have to charge the conference fees regardless of the format of the conference; we have to use these fees to partly cover various expenses that have already incurred as well as cancellation fees for the attendance event. Should the conference fees generate a significant surplus, we intend to refund the conference fees on a pro rata basis. Payments already made for the social evening will of course be refunded in full.

Icon Where can I find the program for the conference?

A first overview of the schedule of the 9th GEBF meeting can be found here. The Proceedings with all sessions (as of 03/09/2022) can be downloaded here (PDF only in German available). Current changes will be updated in ConfTool (accessible without login):

Link zum Tangungsband Link zum detaillierten Programm

We regularly add further information about the conference on this website.

We are looking forward to the conference and hope to welcome you there–at least virtually!

PS: Please remember to cancel any hotel reservations you may have made for the conference in good time.